Friday, October 19, 2007


Ghosts and goblins and haunted libraries - oh my.....Just in time for the witching hour, George Eberhart at Britannica Blog has published a series on Haunted Libraries. "Like other public buildings that have seen long years of human activity, some libraries are allegedly haunted by the ghosts of former staff, patrons, or other residents. " The sixth in the series was just published. Next week Mr. Eberhart starts telling us about haunted libraries overseas.

No Georgia libraries were mentioned as having their own ghost. I did a Quick Search in GALILEO using library ghost and selecting Georgia. No luck- there are books noted in GIL and PINES with ghosts and Georgia in the titles but that's not really what I was looking for.

I went to the Digital Library of Georgia and tried library ghost, library ghosts, ghosts library - pictures of libraries came up but no ghost stories.

Thinking about GIL- one title mentioned was 13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey by Kathryn Tucker Windham, an electronic book. I went to NetLibrary, did the search for Ghosts Library Georgia. The title came up. I used the search tab in NetLibrary (I have just been telling SCT 100 about how wonderful the search function is in NetLibrary) to locate and reference to library.

There is a ghostly presence in a private library- at Barnsley Gardens- pg 133 "Though she never saw him, Addie frequently heard in the late afternoon the scraping sound of her grandfather pushing his chair back from his desk in the library. The scraping of that chair had, years before, signaled the time for Godfrey Barnsley's pre-dinner toddy."

So there is a ghost in a library in Georgia!

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